Cattle Generator 1  2013 Normal Cattle Generator 1  2013 Normal Cattle Generator 1  2013 Normal
Cattle Generator 1  2013 Normal Cattle Generator 1  2013 Normal Cattle Generator 1  2013 Normal
Cattle Generator 1 2013 Normal
This generator is specially designed for Para TB and other diseases. This unit has the largest range in the series!

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Bioresonance Instruments

Now available for everybody who wants to make use of these simple methods.Each instrument contains a whole series of Rife hertz frequencies.According to the specific condition, an individual application is available for resting,balance, pain, detoxify and viruses.These great impulses really invigorate and have proven their qualities for years.

Cattle generators 1 and 2
Especially designed in the interest of cows and horses. Like people, animals are also susceptible to radiation, earth radiation, transmitter masts, stress and tension. All these toxic elements have a negative effect on the animals’ body and its functioning.You can introduce changes to the living environment, diet and lifestyle but the overall result is ineffective. Only when you help the animal to cleanse and detoxify, with the added extra effect of protection from radiation, does a change in its well being and health become visible. Along with the insights of the agricultural community, we have developed a generator for animals. There a 2 types and both are described here below.

Cattle generator 1
The Cattle generator 1 contains frequencies from 2 combined instruments. Firstly, it emits a large frequency against Para TBC while simultaneously activating the bowels. Consequent to this,the generator emits frequencies which act upon parasites, viruses and moulds. Finally, frequencies to detox, thereby carry off waste products, complete the combination. Over time you will see a marked difference in the animals and their general health. Apart from the specific hertz frequencies, this Cattle generator contains an infra red lamp and a “mobiuslus”. In all a power bioresonance instrument which has an operational radius of 8 to 10 metres.
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