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This unit has the largest range in the series!

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Detox Combinatie
Against parasites,fungi,viruses,bacteria and detoxifying.They are all special Rife hertz frequencies.It has already been used successfully on animals and people.The device starts with relaxation-frequencies followed by frequencies for parasites,viruses,fungi and bacteria and at last a series of frequencies to detoxify (kidneys,liver,lymph’s).
Use the device for as long as you need it.It will run for 3 hours and 45 minutes.Put it in your bed at night and turn it off in the morning.It is advised to drink circa two liters of water and herbal tea.Now we have a new design with an infra-red light and that is why it has become more powerful (light frequency).


Detox combination: with mobius loop (with an infra-red light, light frequency, very powerful).Are you interested in new leaflets, workshops, demonstrations, healings or purifying the house, get into contact with:

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