Rife Hertz frequency bioresonance appliances   

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Bioresonance therapy is based on the phenomenon of resonance, that surrounds us everywhere.
with our bio resonance devices, you have 0ver photon energie

We know resonance for instance from a glas that starts resonating at a certain pitch. By making a sound, the air starts to resonate en and we catch the vibration through the ears again and we hear the sound.
It is a transport of information through vibrations.
We come across this resonance phenomenon everywhere and it seems to function within the body in a similar manner. An enormous number of cells are present in the whole body, that see to it that the body functions well.
The cells as it were make up a big orchestra, playing a song together in harmony. They enforce one another.
As long as the body is balanced, harmonic vibrations will be present in the body, the body is healthy. If there is something wrong with the body, you might call that a dissonant( false note). 

Bioresonance can help bringing the body back in balance again, thus in resonance.
The special thing about our bioresonance appliances is that it is has become attainable and payable for everyone.
A large appliance would normally cost something like 10.000 euros or more.
We have deliberately divided it into seperate appliances, so as to benefit from it the whole day.
The detox combination e.g. for children during the night, for the dog or cat or the parents during the day, so that all benefit from it.

Feelgood generator for use at school or during study, enabling you to study more easily.

Schumann earth frequency for at home or at the office, in the car or train.
You will be far less bothered by unnatural radiations because of it.
Relax generator, the aum sound uplifting during meditation and yoga, or in the baby room.
Detox generator delightful as a support for detoxing cures.

Look at our entire assortment. It's very nice to have several of these appliances in your house.


Schuman generator sends the appropriate frequencies. So you do not suffer from the increased frequency around you.

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